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My (Flammable) Rum Ball Recipe

This is my much requested, tried and true rum ball recipe.

Now, I have to admit that these delights came out of an epic screwup. You see, the original recipe was:

4 oz semi sweet chocolate;
4 oz stale fruit cake;
4 oz ground almond;
2 oz icing sugar; and
4 tbsp rum.

So the first time I made it, into the mixing bowl went:

4 oz semi sweet chocolate;
4 oz stale fruit cake;
4 oz ground almond;
2 oz icing sugar; and
4 oz rum.

"Hum…. this seems very soupy." I say to myself, throwing a nervous glance at my unknowing mother. Thankfully there was lot of extra cake sooooo… a little doctoring later and I had a decent mixture. That screwup has translated into a decent recipe over the years that I’m happy to now share.

(Flamable) Rum Balls


4 oz plain chocolate
4 oz stale fruit cake
4 oz ground almond
2 oz icing sugar
2 oz rum
6 to 10 stale cookies

First, roughly chop your 4oz of stale fruit cake (the staler the better. Is staler a word?). Put the cake into your mixing bowl. If you don’t have stale cake, toast it for a few minutes and leave it on the counter for a while. Add the ground almonds and mix throughly. You can mix this by hand but I recommend a paddle mixer (I don’t know what I would do without my Kitchen Aid).

In a microwave proof bowl mix the rum, the icing sugar and the chocolate (chocolate chips make this very easy). Microwave on medium, mixing often until you get a smooth sauce. I like the bake potato setting on my microwave but you’ll need to play around to see what works best.

Now on the subject of rum, I suggest inexpensive dark rum for this but you can use whatever you like. Keep in mind that different rums will create different balls…. lol.

Time to mix. With your mixer running, slowly pour the chocolate rum mixture into the cake mixture. don’t forget tot scrape the bowl. Mix until everything is incorporated. At this point, if the mixture is soupy, crumble and add your stale cookies (I like to use gingersnaps and graham crackers but almost anything can be used. Like the rum, the choice will affect the flavour). Keep mixing and adding cookie until the mix starts to firm up and you’re getting the texture you want. I like to paddle the crap out of them as that makes for a smooth texture (this it starting to sound a bit kinky).

Aaaaannnyway… Once mixed, scrape the mix off the paddle, pull the bowl off the stand and let the dough rest for half an hour in the fridge. This will make ball making easier.

Once it’s rested, scoop teaspoon sized dollops out, roll them in your hands to form a ball and then dredge in a 50/50 mixture of coco and icing sugar. Easy? EASY!

My last points about this recipe are that 1) it’s easy to scale up and make monster batches and 2) by substituting pound cake for the fruit cake, a liqueur (Grand Marnier, Amaretto) for the rum and white or milk chocolate for the semi sweet, the possibilities are fathomless (I didn’t want to say endless) .

Let me know how it works out for you.

Just a question…

Does a house like this come with an Eames lounge chair and ottoman or are you required as part of the Architect’s contract to purchase one?

Just asking… so I can budget appropriately.

More about the whole house here (Sunken House by Adjaye Assocates).

Oh and what’s with the little trap door behind the head of the chair….

Hope Love Japan Fundraiser

I’m pleased to be a part of the Hope Love Japan Fundraiser. If you can’t join us, please give generously to the Red Cross.



Friday March 18, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

VICTORIA, BC – In light of the recent disaster in Japan, a group of concerned citizens have joined forces with 4 of the Japanese Canadian organizations in Victoria and launched a fundraising campaign. Several fundraising events will take place within the next month, under the same umbrella, Support Japan 2011 – Ganbare Nippon (which loosely means: Never give up Japan).

The HOPE LOVE JAPAN family-friendly daytime fundraising event hopes to raise $15,000. All proceeds will be donated directly to the Canadian Red Cross, for exclusive relief efforts in Japan.

WHAT: HOPE LOVE JAPAN - an afternoon inspired by Japanese tradition, with music by Masako Hockey and Satomi Edwards, tea service and Japanese blessing. The afternoon will feature a silent auction, with incredible products and services donated by local businesses. There will also be a photo-booth set up with photographer Véronique da Silva, and a children’s craft area hosting a 1000 cranes for Japan craft project, as well as a Support Japan 2011 t-shirt sale. Admission is by donation (suggested minimum of $20).




Media Contact: Yukari Peerless (250) 588-2082

FACEBOOK PAGE: Hope Love Japan: Fundraising Event

TWITTER: @HopeLoveJapan

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